Newlywed 3 months, my husband let me put a pre-marital house transfer to the in-laws, do not agree to divorce

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Lin jing was married to her ex-husband for five years when she caught him cheating.Before this, he has been very good to Lin Jing, held a very grand wedding, after marriage will also cook, meet delicious outside will pack a home.When Lin Jing gave birth to her son, he was bleeding heavily, and he cried outside the delivery room, which moved her family badly.After having a son, he is more hold in both hands to Lin Jing in the palm of the hand in the heart, the person outside says he is wife slave and son slave, be such a man however, a female subordinate that kept him unexpectedly.How much believe before, after discovering the truth, there is much hate, so Lin Jing is determined to divorce, no matter how her ex-husband kneels down and cries and does not turn back, almost Sue the court, the man had no way to agree to divorce.Men may really love Lin Jing, just can’t control the lower body, always want to walk a kidney, but don’t want to, this walk home to get separated.So when the divorce, the ex-husband gave Lin Jing 3 houses, and 1 million yuan in cash, also gave Lin Jing custody of their son, he only retained visitation rights.At the time of the divorce, Lin Jing was just 28 years old and had a house and money. Even if she took her son alone, she did not feel too hard.Aftershock at this time appeared in Lin Jing’s life, he is Lin Jing’s son English tutor, 5 years younger than her, very handsome, very sunny smile, is no problem with the little milk dog.In the face of aftershock’s pursuit, Lin Jing is hesitant, she feels that aftershock is younger than her, and unmarried, or just a temporary lust for novelty.However, at that moment, the ex-husband suddenly told Lin jing that he was going to get married, proudly showing off the bride’s youth and beauty.The other day, he was trying to get married again.Lin Jing was so angry that she said she had fallen in love with an unmarried young man five years younger.In order to cope with her ex-husband’s provocation, Lin Jing had to come forward for aftershocks.That day, the performance of the aftershocks surprisingly good, let Lin Jing’s heart slowly produced loose, she thought remarriage is not in a hurry, can be in love first.After two people together, Lin Jing found that the aftershock will lift up, and always warm to her, romantic.Being with the aftershock made Lin jing feel not 28, but 18.After a year, the aftershock proposed to Lin Jing, Lin Jing still a little tangled, after all, remarriage or should be cautious.Just then, the ex-husband sent her the invitation. This time he was getting married for real.Perhaps there is a psychological rivalry with her ex-husband, Lin Jing simply set the wedding date in front.After the wedding date, aftershock to discuss with Lin Jing said to his parents received the city to live, because the home house is too broken.Before that, Lin jing had asked Aftershock if his parents objected to their being together, as it was her second marriage.Aftershock said his parents are supportive of him and they are easygoing and easy to get along with.So Lin Jing is very happy to the arrival of the in-laws, but also offered to let the old couple live close to them in the house, so it is not hesitate to give tenants liquidated damages, in advance to recover the house.After settling two old people, Lin Jing and aftershock held a simple wedding, let Lin Jing a little unhappy is that there are almost no guests over there, to this, his explanation is that the relatives of his hometown is not convenient to come over, colleagues are not much contact, also not good call.If the wedding guests come less, still just let Lin Jing a little unhappy, then married, aftershock attitude is to let her feel uneasy up.At the beginning, aftershock said that he wanted to enjoy a period of easy time first, want to have a child in a few years, Lin Jing also agreed.Just gradually, Lin Jing found that the aftershock to her more and more not care, no longer like when just moved in to take the initiative to do housework, even tutoring his son English also a little absent-minded.Before marriage, two people go out to dinner, aftershock will always grab the bill, Lin Jing every time to give him any gift, he will always buy a back.When she moved to Lin Jing’s home, she would also buy a lot of gifts for her son, and would take the initiative to share the expenses such as water and gas.After marriage, however, he did not have the previous hospitality, no longer to add anything to the home, home expenses are waiting for Lin Jing to pay.Aftershock attitude let Lin Jing puzzled, after experiencing a failed marriage, she especially cherish this second marriage, convergence of all bad temper and glass heart, want to live a good life.Who knows, the aftershock temper is worse than one day, every quarrel, always to Lin Jing bow first.After a period of time, aftershock suddenly told Lin Jing that his parents are now living in the house transfer to the old couple name.Because his parents think that living in their daughter-in-law’s house is a dependant.If, Lin Jing had never suspected the aftershock of her love, so after he put forward this request, had to think more.He had said before that he would not care about her property before marriage and understood that her house was to be left to her son.Now all of a sudden he’s offering to adopt one to his parents, saying it’s to make them feel better.Like this, I’m afraid even a three-year-old child can not deceive the past, although Lin Jing is not smart, but also not a fool ah.See Lin Jing refused to transfer, aftershocks to her more and more cold, and finally simply put forward a divorce, quite a threat in it.After all, Lin Jing has been married for the second time, and now just married full 3 months, he is determined that Lin Jing will not divorce again.Unfortunately, he misestimated Lin Jing, if she is really a woman will compromise, at the beginning will not be so determined to put forward a divorce.Welcome to pay attention to @wind nest  to see the emotional story, taste life!