Pochettino could be leaving Paris!And real Madrid in the Champions League final game

2022-06-22 0 By

With Gran Paris losing to Nice in the last eight of the French Cup, Opel Sports has learned that coach Mauricio Pochettino has once again come under fire for his dismissal.And Parisian French media recently reported is specifically that Mr Perez is ready to leave Paris, and Paris have a champions league tie against real Madrid, as the key to decide his future world war I, if Paris rollover again will fire the Argentine in advance, this news also made a lot of people are very surprised.The news of Pochettino’s departure came as no surprise in Paris, where he has failed to impress fans since joining the club and lost the French title last season.And the reason they have been slow to fire him one of the most important reason, is their heart is the boss of candidate zidane had not yet decided to join the team, they are not going to like Manchester united after firing him to hire a temporary manager, so they also hope to wave cut and gilardino to coach after the game all season and then he sent off the team.However, the early exit from the French cup has not satisfied the Paris hierarchy, they also have the intention of early sacking Potomac, should the knockout defeat against Real Madrid, is likely to leave the team.Pochettino, however, is not taking the decision lightly as it is no secret that he wants to leave Paris, where he has not been happy.Bowie has had a difficult relationship with the front office, particularly with kawhi Leonard, the team’s athletic director, who even intervened in his roster, and the team’s superstars are difficult to manage, which has led to criticism and criticism from fans.There is also a key reason for Uncle Bosch, his family are still living in London and he lives alone in a Hotel in Paris, and the separation has made him want to return to the Premier League.There is no shortage of new clubs for Potomac, with Manchester United the most likely to sign him as Sir Alex ferguson has long been an admirer of his manager and his record in the Premier League is impressive.As long as Paris are willing to sack Pochettino, they are also willing to sign the Argentina coach. What would pochettino do?Can he help Paris achieve their goal of winning the Champions League and then retire with a bang?