This year, can they live with peace of mind?

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Tomorrow will be the traditional Chinese New Year’s Eve. No matter how busy and far away it is on this day every year, the whole family will gather around a table and have a hot reunion dinner.But Liu Xuezhou, a 15-year-old boy, will no longer have a New Year’s eve dinner or receive lucky money.If he had not searched for his biological parents, he might still have been alone on New Year’s Eve. At least there was life, there was tomorrow, there was future.A boy like him with awards plastered all over the wall and certificates of honor in his hands: both his personality and his talent are remarkable.As long as given time, give him space to grow, Liu Xuezhou’s future will most likely be a bright, a good!However, his life was cut short by his biological parents and a cyber hero ahead of the upcoming Spring Festival.In Liu Xuezhou ice cold lying on the beach, these people who have brought him harm, really can do calm, feel at ease, wearing red wearing green festival?Abandoned by his biological parents 15 years ago and reportedly paid 6,000 yuan in fees, Liu has been living without a father or mother since childhood.15 years later, Liu xuezhou was inspired by the activity of looking for relatives, and was filled with joy to find his own biological parents, only to go to the end of his wishful thinking.Dad doesn’t hurt, niang doesn’t love, parents don’t like him!It is said that liu Xuezhou paid for his marriage, but his father posted a statement in the circle of friends denigrating: “People set up packaging, sell miserably successful, network beggars!”A father has not done the responsibility of raising is unworthy, but also face not red heart not jump to accuse his own son, since ancient times such cold-blooded people really rare.Liu Xuezhou’s mother is even more: Liu Xuezhou in order to see the biological mother, wearing old clothes and shoes a few years ago, but bought a lot of things to visit her, the results really can not be changed.It did not take long to spread the news that Liu Xuezhou was screened by his own mother, and in the recording, he turned the table and blamed liu Xuezhou’s misfortune on his adoptive parents!Words in words outside seems to emphasize a sentence: parents sell him is for his good, but his life is not good, booth on the short life of the adoptive parents.Not only have no fault, but active, this is liu Xuezhou mother for that year to sell the son’s behavior of beautification!The most shocking is that she was open with rhythm, lied that Liu Xuezhou met to force her to buy a house, denounce him secretly recording behavior is very terrible, loudly scold him is a white eyed Wolf!It is because liu Xuezhou mother this recording, it led to the public opinion to a nearly 180℃ reversal, it led to Liu Xuezhou suffered from all directions of the network violence.Although these two are liu Xuezhou’s biological parents, but also directly liu Xuezhou forced to the end of the initiator, they are unworthy of parents.When Liu Xuezhou sad, lonely lie in the ground, they two can really feel at ease to enjoy the New Year’s family happiness, really qualified to enjoy this New Year’s new atmosphere?Perhaps they will be relieved that they did not even attend the cremation ceremony of Liu xuezhou’s body.Instead, liu Xuezhou’s uncle and aunt, who had no blood relationship, traveled thousands of miles to Sanya to pick up the nephew and bury him in his hometown.They say blood trumps everything.But often the people who hurt you the most are blood relatives.Liu Xuezhou’s parents gave him a fatal blow, the network keyboard man is the last straw that broke the camel’s back.When Liu xuezhou suffered the pain of being abandoned by his parents for the second time, many so-called “righteous people” held up the banner of morality and accused him of being disrespectful and inconsiderate to his parents.There are even people said that he is a cunning male, neet, want to think of, unexpected foul language is emerging in endlessly, it is said that there are thousands of private letter his users were suspended private letter function!It is conceivable that Liu Xuezhou is in before one’s death, suffer the attack that comes from all directions is what kind of intense.There is a warm heart sister called emotional anchor, the net name is particularly warm, but also have a son has a woman’s age, she should be more than others to understand, tolerance of Liu Xuezhou.But her words are unusually fierce, standing on the moral commanding point harshly criticized Liu Xuezhou: said that he has a clever, said that his vicious degree unprecedented, the reason is that his parents gave birth to him whether good or bad, he can only accept, and should not make any requirements!The heart-warming sister is also an emotional anchor, and she may not have considered how sad it is to be abandoned by her parents.When parents abandon their children, they have been doomed to their children not only have no kindness, but is indebted to the child’s life.The child does not pursue responsibility is the child magnanimous, the child pursues responsibility is the child’s right.Liu Xuezhou is exercising his own right, what is wrong with him?But with warm heart sister for the representative of the keyboard man, indiscriminate, with Liu Xuezhou mother’s one side of the story, began to liu Xuezhou slander, attack.Keyboard man would rather believe the lies of a mother who abandoned her child than look at the anguished cries of the abandoned.These keyboard man, do not know whether there is face and family around to enjoy the joy of the Spring Festival?No snowflake is innocent in an avalanche!When Liu Xuezhou wrote down the suicide note, swallowed the medicine, life freeze in the sad 15 years old, his biological parents and the network keyboard man are the executioner!A teenager with a miserable life tried hard to live a positive and sunny attitude for 15 years, only to be destroyed by his biological parents and keyboard man.How sad it is, how sad it is.I just don’t know if his leaving can awaken the conscience of those who hurt him, even if only a little bit.The world always say how afterlife, but in fact, this life has been so desolate, how to talk about afterlife?The only hope is that the death of Liu Xuezhou can make these people feel ashamed and reflect on themselves. From now on, they will abide by the bottom line, be cautious in words and deeds, and do not hurt others.