Wuhan Tianhe Airport handled more than 250,000 passengers during the Spring Festival, with the return peak coming on the sixth day of the lunar New Year

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As the Spring Festival comes to an end, travelers from all over the country are returning home.Wuhan Tianhe Airport is expected to handle 257,000 passengers during the seven-day Spring Festival, data showed.Tianhe Airport is expected to transport 963,000 passengers during the Spring Festival travel rush from Jan 17 to Feb 6, up 69 percent year-on-year.”The Spring Festival is to let you know that it’s not easy to get home, and it’s not easy to get back.”Xiao Wu, a white-collar worker born after 1995, joked on her wechat moments that she had planned to buy a ticket on the high-speed train between Wuhan and Hangzhou, but had to buy an air ticket instead because it was too difficult to get the ticket. “I officially go to work on the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, and many people rush back on the sixth day of the Chinese New Year.Xiao Wu’s view, but also a lot of learning and work outside the aspirations of the wanderer.In previous years, the departures were concentrated and the return trips scattered, and the return trips were completed before the 15th day of the first lunar month.This year, the peak will be Feb. 6, the sixth day of the Chinese New Year.According to Qunar big data, starting from February 2, the number of air tickets increased day by day, with a one-day increase of more than 40%. On February 6, the number of trips increased by 120% month-on-month.The number of trips on February 6 was nearly 20% higher than that on January 28, the peak day before the Spring Festival.According to industry insiders, compared with before the Spring Festival, the return trips after the Festival are relatively concentrated, and the number of return trips climbs to the highest point from February 4 to 6, and will gradually decline on February 7 and 8.Wuhan Tianhe Airport is expected to handle 257,000 passengers and take off and land 2,669 passenger flights from January 31 to February 6, according to an official from Hubei Airport Group.On February 6, 597 passenger flights are scheduled to take off and land, with 59,000 passengers expected to be transported.During the 2022 Spring Festival Travel rush (January 17 to February 6), Wuhan Tianhe Airport is expected to transport 963,000 passengers, up 69 percent from 2021, and 9,476 passenger flights are expected to take off and land, up 89 percent from 2021.Extreme news reporters learned that near the end of the Spring Festival, some popular airline ticket prices began to rise.According to Qunar big data, as of 10 am on Feb 6, the average paid price for economy class tickets from Feb 1 to Feb 6 was 715 yuan, the same as last year.Extreme news reporters found that even though some airline ticket prices have risen, there are still some airline ticket prices even lower than high-speed rail tickets.For example, on February 7, the second-class seat price of the wuhan-Tianjin direct high-speed train was 524.5 yuan, while the naked air ticket price was 350 yuan.The ticket for February 10th is even cheaper, 320 yuan.On February 7, a second-class seat on the Wuhan-Kunming high-speed train was priced at 664.5 yuan, while a naked ticket was priced at 550 yuan. On February 12, the ticket price was only 285 yuan, half the price of the high-speed train.On February 7, the price of a second-class seat on a wuhan-Shenyang high-speed train was 767 yuan, while the price of a naked air ticket was only 300 yuan, less than half the price of a high-speed train ticket.Industry insiders said that from the 7th to 15th day of the Lunar New Year, some ticket prices are lower than those of high-speed trains. If there is no rigid return time limit, passengers can return at different peak times. As ticket prices drop, passenger flow also drops, and travel experience will be better.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.