Baidu sued a company called Ciba screen

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I am Lu Songsong, click on the picture above, welcome to follow me!SEO was hit again: In January 2022, Baidu launched a new round of crackdown on quick ranking manufacturers, making their overall ranking drop by 60%.In February 2022, Baidu began suing various express metering companies.Yesterday, netizens broke the news: Baidu recently sued a company doing “fast platoon service” and “Wanciba screen”, the court service documents have arrived!Baidu submitted to zhengzhou Intermediate People’s Court, the charges are: unfair competition.It can be seen from the documents of service: Baidu Recently found that the defendant provides “fast platoon service”.The defendant, through technical means, interferes with the search results of specific search keywords and specific websites to baidu’s search results home page in a short period of time, and at the same time provides numerous successful infringement cases for publicity.In essence, the act is to “move” websites that cannot reflect users’ real needs to baidu’s search results home page through technical means, to disrupt the normal search services provided by Baidu, disrupt the competition order and constitute unfair competition.In addition, the defendant also provided “Ciba screen service”.The defendant through technical means, the generated “spam” implanted into third party sites, to generate the “false”, and will be false web page that is associated with the search keywords, lead to the user once the trigger search keywords, baidu’s search results page one or a few search results made in two defendants of fake web page, which said “the screen” on the planet.The essence of this behavior is to deceive Baidu’s search service through technical means, interfere with baidu’s normal search results ranking, so that users can not get real and objective search results, and constitute unfair competition.The plaintiff believes that Baidu has increased technological research and development and invested resources to support the creation of “Baidu search ecology” over the years, striving to provide search results closer to the real needs of users, which has been deeply trusted and widely recognized by users, and is baidu’s competitive advantage.The above actions of the defendant not only seriously damaged the legitimate interests of Baidu, but also destroyed the competition order, damaged the pure ecology of the vast number of users to obtain information, and constituted unfair competition.At the beginning of 2021, Baidu sued Shenzhen SEO companies to do fast platoon, a month later, a fast platoon SEO company in Langfang was arrested across the province, in early 2022, Baidu continued to hit a round of ranking and fast platoon related, the ranking of all fast platoon manufacturers have dropped 60%.I did not expect Baidu to act so fast. Just after the Spring Festival of 2022, Baidu set up another company to do “SEO quick ranking” and “Wanciba Screen”.Article source: Lu Songsong blog, welcome to pay attention to my account!