From a conversation between young lovers, I learned the meaning of the idiom “shameless”

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Empty mountains and rivers far away, the wind and rain more hurt spring, not pity the eyes of people.Eyes inside always can’t see the people around, walking in the beautiful youth age, the vision is always too high too high, there is no proud condition, but always willing to play himself into a swan.Flowers also have flower defeat of the time, why do not have to wait until the red all over the ground when just know regret?Love is actually equal, what can we get in the end?Shouldn’t you pity a man who is really good to you?If you have to challenge the bottom line, the man who can’t afford to love has to give up, don’t you think?There is a small couple’s dialogue, let us know that love can be presented in such a way, is it “shameless”?Here’s a recap: A couple of days after breaking up meet on the street, and the woman throws mineral water over the man’s head.Male: “Are you crazy?”Female: “Wang Xu, what do you mean?I call with you, the phone you don’t answer, I give you a message message you don’t return, you want to do what ah?”Fierce attitude, fierce eyes.Male: “two a pair already broke up, I tube you that thing stem what?”The man was also angry.Female: “When did I say break up?Are you in charge?”Male: “telephone screen, send message red exclamation mark, not break up be what?”Female: “that you won’t go to my house to look for me?”A woman is upright and strong.Man: “I spent two days and nights downstairs in your BMW/Mercedes/Audi and went out with different people every day. You had a great time!”Female: “They’re just my friends.”Here the woman bowed her head, a bit of forced explanation.Male: “Friends?That’s a lot of heterosexual friends you have!Don’t you get tired of going out with two or three people at a time?”Female: “you love letter not letter?Wang Xu I tell you, you don’t forget the original us in front of my mother, you said.”At this time out of the promise of the past, please in front of their parents when the words, hoping to change back to her boyfriend’s so-called conscience.Male: “What did your mother say then?What kind of car do you drive?How much do you have in savings?How flat is the house?Are you a commodity?”The man said angrily with his hand/pointing/pointing at the woman.Female: “How do you talk?You want to marry me, isn’t that what you’re supposed to be?Why should you marry me if you don’t have that?”There was also a slight smile of contempt.Male: “with you what all stem, you go to work son?Do you work?I mean, since we’ve been together, have we never been served?Why should I pay you my salary every month?…”The man grinds his teeth a little.Female: “with me be your girl friend, who call boyfriend not hand in salary?”Why do you take everything for granted when you say that?You don’t even blush?Male: “if because the somebody else is industrious and willing to stem, limbs perfect, you total in front of me say your boudoir honey boyfriend how how, how don’t you learn from your boudoir honey?How do you get along with someone’s boyfriend?Share the good, share the bad.”Stare at the girl query, the girl feels a little guilty.Female: “that I didn’t tidy up the house at home?Didn’t do anything?I’m tired, too, okay?”Not to be outdone, said he also for the small family out of a force.Man: “What do you do at home every day?Sweeping the trash under the sofa, putting dishes in the sink, you’re really tired after a day’s work.”The man began to make sarcastic remarks.Female: “I don’t care, I tell you, since already say good, you have to marry me.”Women began to play their own capricious and unruly.Male: “You want to face?Like your best friend, can you be the one who stands by your boyfriend through thick and thin?”He said that maybe she could change and he could accept it.Female: “tell you, I don’t agree, I am more beautiful than her, she can do I can’t do…”Male: “Do you know why a bowl full of water can’t hold a grain of sand, but a bowl full of stones can still pour water into it?”Female: “What do you mean?”This sentence may have confused the girl.Male: “because I love too full.”What does that mean?Maybe there’s no room for a grain of sand in my love, right?Say that finish this sentence, the man whisked away, the woman wanted to come forward to seize the man’s sleeve, but also want to retain this lost love, the result only change back the man’s two words – roll/egg.What’s wrong with the current concept of love?To find a boyfriend, do you need complete attachment?Love is no longer two people together to create a beautiful future, marriage is only to ask the other party to meet their own clothes and meals, that is the original intention of love?I don’t know what the reason is. I always feel that women’s status is getting higher and higher, while our men’s family status is getting lower and lower. Is it that we love too lowly?If marriage needs to abandon all their principles, I think I love not to move, do you?Of course, such a case is only a few, after all, most women are more positive.But it does not exclude men in the struggle for life, women in most of the time consumption, back will say that men are not earning/money wimps this situation, how should we solve this situation?