Jingyang Court: To mediate disputes before suing for “no meeting” during the epidemic

2022-06-23 0 By

Due to travel restrictions during the epidemic period, jingyang Court’s case filing court actively implemented the “zero-contact” case handling mode and made full use of the mediation platform of the People’s Court to carry out online mediation work, so that “if you don’t come, I don’t go” and no handshake can be resolved, achieving both epidemic prevention and control and law enforcement and case handling.On January 15, 2022, the plaintiff of the case submitted the lawsuit materials for the defendant’s private loan dispute to Jingyang Court through “Shaanxi Mobile Micro Court”. After obtaining the consent of the parties, the case-filing judge introduced the case into the pre-trial mediation procedure and appointed a specially invited mediator to carry out the pre-trial mediation work.After receiving the lawsuit materials, the mediator contacted the original and the defendant in time, conducted asynchronous video mediation through the “People’s Court mediation platform”, and determined the time of synchronous video mediation.The staff of the case filing court instructed the parties to search for “multiple mediation” in the wechat mini program of the mobile phone. The video was connected through the online mediation platform with clear pictures and smooth sound.In the video, the mediator actively sorted out the rights, obligations and legal responsibilities of both parties in the loan contract, and finally reached a consensus on the repayment plan through continuous communication and negotiation.After that, the mediator pushes the automatically generated mediation agreement to both parties through the mediation platform for online signature confirmation.At the same time, the mediator shall promptly apply to the court for issuing a conciliation statement according to the will of the parties concerned.The whole mediation process is fast, efficient and convenient.After the case was settled, he successfully mediated a divorce dispute online.In order to further reduce the parties v. tired, improve the efficiency of court case, jingyang court case filing chamber actively use of network courses’ system, give full play to the advantages of audio and video online mediation, cogent accomplish outbreak during litigation services “not close”, minimize due to the impact of the epidemic prevention and control to litigation, really let “the data run, and too few people running errands”.It has met the people’s demand for convenient and efficient settlement of disputes and vigorously safeguarded economic and social stability and sound development.(Source: Jingyang Court)