New rules have been issued. Do you know all this information about licensing

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Recently, the traffic management bureau 12 “decentralization service” formally implemented, on the new car registration business also has a certain positive impact.This issue of the little white guide, to bring you the latest licensing information, licensing notes and information needed.Young people have become the main force of consumption in the car market, and they will add some things or modify some parts of their cars. However, we should be aware that not all of the addition/modification is feasible, but also affect the license plate, and may even be illegal.So what is legal to add/modify?Which ones are illegal?What regulations does DMV have on new cars?For new cars being produced and sold, the model, engine number, vehicle identification code or relevant technical data of motor vehicles shall conform to safety technical standards;The vehicle type, brand model, color, engine number, vehicle identification code (frame number) of the motor vehicle shall be consistent with the vehicle qualification certificate.Before this, you need to remind the prospective owners of friends, the new car plate can not be modified, including the window explosion-proof film, stick body drag and so on.If the appearance of an unregistered new car changes significantly and is found to be illegal, it will be forced to restore the original car and be fined.For imported new cars, even more attention is needed.Imported cars are produced in accordance with the laws and climate conditions of the country where they are exported. Different versions are in line with different regulations, which are more suitable for the climate and terrain of the country and the quality of oil products, so some configurations may not necessarily meet the legal provisions of China.For example, new cars are required by law to be equipped with rear fog lights, yellow steering lights, kilometer system for speedometer, Chinese warning text, and four mounting holes for rear plate, etc.It should also be noted that the installation of vehicle plates also has relevant provisions, the front plate must be in the middle or right of the front end of the motor vehicle, and the rear plate should be installed in the middle or left of the rear end of the motor vehicle.License plate allowed legal modification window film car explosion-proof film I believe is the friends of the first choice of auto parts, can be in collision with the outside world to prevent glass broken injury and the occupants of the car, play a certain protective role.In fact, explosion-proof film has another important role – sunscreen, heat insulation, but also we use the most “function”.Explosion-proof film needs to be posted after the plate, and the color should not be too deep.If the light transmission rate is too low, it will affect the line of sight of driving at night, and may affect the success rate of over-examination during annual inspection.At present, many SUVs and station wagons will be equipped with model luggage racks before leaving the factory, but some low models may not be equipped with them. Owners who want to install roof luggage racks need to pay attention to the following:Without changing the length, width and main body structure of the vehicle and ensuring safety, the added height cannot exceed 30cm, and the length should not exceed one third of the length of the vehicle.Body pedal for our common SUV, they have a good through, but when getting on and off the car will inevitably because of a slightly higher ground height and feel a little awkward, and the installation of the body pedal has become the choice of many owners, but we should pay attention to the installation of the pedal transverse unilateral over the side of the vehicle should be less than or equal to 50mm,The connection between the entrance and exit stepping parts and the body should be firm and reliable.The color of the car body can be changed, including the color change of the car body film, but it needs to be filed at the DMV within 10 days after the color change, and a new driving license photo should be replaced.However, if you change the color of the car by more than 30 percent, such as changing the color of the roof, you do not need to file with the DMV.It should be noted that the color should not be related to special vehicles. It should be noted that special red for fire fighting, special yellow for engineering rescue, and special white and blue for administrative law enforcement should be avoided.Wheel hub style can be changed but the size and specifications can not be changed, and there is a vehicle brand logo on the wheel (except for its own brand logo), should be consistent with the brand logo of the vehicle.1 illegal modified headlamps with many low car or used car owners to abandon headlight bright enough to want to upgrade the lamp to xenon or leds, but the law on road traffic safety regulations, any unit or individual is allowed to “unauthorised changes to the structure of a motor vehicle registered, or features”, the headlight is belong to this category, change the lamp was investigated after going to remember three points,The fine is 200 to 500 yuan.Engine to engine is the performance of the party’s high-level play, but the relevant laws and regulations are firmly not allowed, modified engine power, turbocharger, increase the electric drive to change the vehicle power parameters, etc., belongs to completely changed the technical parameters and performance of the vehicle, belongs to illegal modification.Exhaust pipe surprise!It is illegal to modify the exhaust pipe as if it were part of the appearance of the vehicle.Change the single exhaust pipe to double exhaust pipe to increase the intake air, exhaust pipe diameter, etc., we may encounter some cars in the tunnel or at night when the deafening sound of a bang on the accelerator is modified exhaust pipe.Traffic police are also constantly investigating these illegally modified vehicles.Logo after 5 ling macro light S was too hot, so many owners are in the back of your car as “five ling macro light”, do not belong to the original vehicle brand logo or multiple logo, belong to illegal behavior, in the vehicle inspection is not through, and once found will face fines of up to 500 yuan and detention of vehicle registration,Drivers will be ordered to restore their original markings.Tailfins are also not allowed. Those large tailfins look fancy, but in the latest regulations on Motor Vehicle Inspection, tailfins are illegal.However, some sports cars or SUVs with their own rear wings are not modified.The vast majority of 4S shops provide licensing services, owners only need to prepare the relevant information and pay the corresponding fees, let’s say what information is needed for licensing?In fact, compared to the past, now the information required by the card has been simplified a lot.The owner’s ID card is the proof document needed for all business. If the ID card is lost, it should be reported to the public security organ as soon as possible and re-applied for, during which the temporary ID card will be used instead.If others handle for you, you should also provide the id card and fill in the documents related to the authorization of the agent.Purchase invoice after paid the amount of purchases or the first 4 s store will purchase invoice, the invoice will affect to the amount on the commercial insurance coverage of the project such as CheSun, DaoQiang, recommended friend request 4 s shop to buy cars to be the actual amount paid invoice, don’t covet petty gain of the open dot can save tax, otherwise insurance claims, is likely to be cheated.Deliver strong danger insurance slip to deliver strong danger is the danger that compulsory requirement buys is planted, new car must bought to deliver strong danger ability to be able to go up card.It is 950 yuan/year for 5-seater passenger cars and 1050 yuan/year for 6-7 seater passenger cars.Make strong danger and commercial danger can choose different insurance company, of course to save trouble or suggest two kinds of insurance is bought in same company.At the present stage, the insurance has been fully implemented electronic policy, compulsory insurance label electronic.According to the new regulations, which came into effect on November 20, the traffic management department of the public security bureau and the banking regulatory department will share information about the insurance. Applicants will no longer need to submit paper certificates for the insurance when registering vehicles and issuing inspection marks in pilot areas.A vehicle conformance certificate can be understood as a birth certificate for a vehicle, which contains information such as the vehicle’s technical parameters, frame number, engine number and emission standards.Import cars also need to show the customs import and export of goods and import and export goods inspection and quarantine certificate.Index certificate (limited license city) In a limited license city, you need to hold a valid index certificate. Take Guangdong as an example, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are both limited license cities, and you need to obtain the index through or auction. The validity of the index in Guangzhou is 1 year.However, the index certificate is not required in non-restricted cities.Vehicle and vessel tax and purchase tax payment proof vehicle and vessel tax can be paid together when buying insurance, different displacement corresponding to different vehicle and vessel tax, pay once a year (insurance paid).Purchase tax is the tax that new cars need to pay. After payment, the tax department will provide the tax payment certificate of vehicle purchase tax.The purchase tax is calculated at 10% of the price of a new car.Calculation formula: tax payable = assessable price x tax rate.When calculating and levying the vehicle purchase tax amount, the value added tax of 17% must be eliminated first, that is, the vehicle purchase tax calculated price = hair ticket price ÷1.17, and then 10% tax rate calculated and levying the vehicle purchase tax.Licences in the new policy on November 20, 12 pipes serve reform measures in guangdong province, the full implementation of the “registration shall provide non-native residents proof” quit the historical stage, private car registration hold id province office, guangdong residents by the resident identity card, can apply for the new car registration registration business directly, no longer need to submit the certificate of residence and other documents.It is also mentioned above that Guangzhou and Shenzhen belong to cities with limited license plates, and can apply for new car registration only after obtaining the increment index of small buses in accordance with local policies.In the new policy, there is also a close relationship with the owners of friends, expanding the scope of vehicle inspection exemption.Non-operational small buses with 7-9 seats will be exempted from inspection for 6 years. Those with more than 6 years but less than 10 years will be inspected once a year instead of once every two years. See the table below for details.New Deal for six years to 15 years old old yearly check schedule yearly check situation this year 6 years 7 years 8 9 10 years 6 years has yearly check – no yearly check need mot no yearly check yearly check needs not yearly check yearly check without the yearly check yearly check without annual inspection need mot 7 years has yearly check – no yearly check yearly check need mot not yearly check – no yearly check yearly check without annual inspectionTo yearly check of eight years has yearly check – no yearly check need mot not yearly check – mot no yearly check need mot nine years has yearly check – mot not yearly check – no yearly check need annual 10-15 years yearly check every year more than 15 years every half yearly check is important to note that if the vehicles have a casualty accidents or illegal modification were punished in accordance with the law,Vehicles still need to be inspected according to the original period;If the vehicle fails to go through registration formalities for more than 4 years from the date of leaving the factory, it shall be inspected online every 2 years in accordance with the original regulations within 6 years.Conclusion Do not have any changes to the appearance of the vehicle before the new car registration, so as not to affect the registration process;There is not much information to prepare before registration, of course, THE 4S shop provides one-stop service is also a good choice.Next issue, we will introduce you to the licensing process, to their own licensing owners to provide reference.