This wine is over 50,000 yuan a bottle and claims to be inspired by Lao Jun and saliva, what do you think?

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Would you be surprised if you were told that a bottle of huasu is more expensive than flying Maotai?Would it be even harder to believe that the baijiu was inspired by saliva?In the online flagship store of Tanyhuahu, the price of standard bottles of 52-degree 750ml Tanyhua-luzhou-flavor liquor and 53-degree Tanyhua-maotai-flavor liquor is 5860 YUAN;The premium bottles of 52 ° 750ml Tin Hua luzhou-flavor liquor and 53 ° Tin Hua maotai-flavor liquor are priced at 58,600 yuan.According to the sales page of the liquor sales page of Tmall Tianhua flagship store, the goods are packaged in gift boxes, with a set of wine appreciation tools attached, whether standard or boutique.In terms of sales volume, 53 degrees listenhua maotai-fragrant liquor standard packaging sales volume is the highest, the monthly sales volume is 20;The monthly sales volume of 53 degrees listen to hua maotai-fragrant liquor is 1.In the commodity evaluation area, China New Business reporters noted that some consumers said in January that the price of a standard bottle of white wine had doubled.What’s the origin of such expensive liquor?Listen flower wine official website shows that it is produced by Yibin Listen flower wine industry development Co., LTD., xizang spring wine distribution.Reporter inquiry found that the legal representative of Yibin listen to flower wine industry development Limited liability company is Li Rongquan, he is also the founder of lianglu wine industry.But unlike Tin Hua wine, which has a high price tag, Liang Lu is quite cheap, selling for less than 10 yuan a bottle on e-commerce.Xizang Spring wine is responsible for listening to the distribution of spring wine is a listed company qinghai spring subsidiary.In March 2018, Qinghai Spring announced that it planned to acquire 100% equity of Xizang Tangua Wine Co., LTD., held by Xizang Zhengku Investment Co., LTD., for 33.85 million yuan.Xizang Listen flower wine Industry Co., Ltd. is the predecessor of Xizang Spring wine Industry.Xizang Tanyhua Wine Co and Yibin Lianglu Wine Co have signed a 20-year contract to sell “lianglu wine,” according to media reports.In the past few years, we vigorously promoted cold dew wine, but it did not significantly drive the sales of cold dew wine.Until 2020, the positioning of super high-end liquor “Listening flower” suddenly appeared.In October 2020, Yibin Lianglu Wine Co., Ltd. also changed its name to Yibin Duanhua Wine Co., LTD.Look from open information, listen to the production of flower wine and Qinghai spring chairman Zhang Xuefeng close relationship.Zhang Xuefeng once said that he once had a dream when he was doing an experiment in a laboratory. After a short nap on the table, he took his hand and wrote the Chinese character “live”. Then he called on researchers to find out all the research on saliva in ancient and modern countries and countries.The picture comes from the sales page of Tangua flagship store, revealing the research process of tangua wine.Qinghai Spring was founded in 2003 and listed as the “first stock of Cordyceps sinensis” in 2014. At that time, it was in the boom of Cordyceps sinensis. The company achieved annual revenue of over 2 billion yuan.But listed namely peak, since then Qinghai Spring revenue declined year by year.In 2016, qinghai Spring was forced to suspend production due to policy reasons, and its revenue was significantly reduced.Recently, Qinghai Spring released the 2021 performance loss announcement, is expected to realize the annual net profit loss attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 265 million to 325 million yuan.For the pre-loss of performance, Qinghai Spring explained that it was mainly caused by the loss of foreign investment, the provision for the impairment of some assets, as well as the market development of Chinese patent medicine and beverage business, and the increase of sales expenses and management expenses.But as a result of two consecutive years of huge losses, Qinghai spring or “wear a hat on the star”.Qinghai Spring also stated in the risk notice that if the audited company’s operating income in 2021 is less than 100 million yuan after deducting the business income unrelated to the main business and the income without commercial substance, the company will be delisted risk warning in accordance with the provisions of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.Qinghai Spring closed down 4 percent at 7.93 yuan per share on Feb. 11, a far cry from its June 2015 peak of 50.09 yuan.Editor: Xing Zhibin Source: New Zealand Finance and Economics