Changjiang traffic police in-depth rural areas to carry out “pedestrians are prohibited on the highway” theme publicity activities

2022-06-24 0 By

Pedestrians on the harm is great, the resulting road traffic accidents also happen from time to tome, for effectively improving the traffic safety consciousness of the masses in the districts along, promptly eliminate hidden danger caused by pedestrians on the traffic safety, February 18, ChangJiang traffic police entered the jettisoned farm 11 teams to carry out the “pedestrians ban on the theme” campaign.During the activity, the police carried out publicity activities by visiting households, distributing brochures, pasting posters and hanging banners.In the process of preaching, civilian police patiently to villagers in detail on the highway the traffic characteristics of the totally enclosed and the pedestrian, pedestrian driving motorbikes and non-motor vehicles without permission on the behavior and the harm of illegality, to persuade the villagers to start from their own, and consciously boycott traffic violations, put an end to walk on the highway, at the same time to keep their livestock,Keep cattle out of the highway.Villagers have said that they will strictly abide by traffic safety laws and regulations, and education to remind people around them, strictly put an end to pedestrians, pedestrians driving motorcycles, non-motor vehicle illegal on the high-speed events.This activity, a total of 6 posters pasted, 2 safety banners hung, distributed more than 150 brochures.Effectively enhance the highway along the villagers’ awareness of traffic safety.In the next work, Changjiang traffic police will continue to carry out “prohibit pedestrians illegal on the highway” traffic safety publicity, increase road inspection efforts, eliminate hidden dangers, and strive to create a safe and smooth highway traffic environment.