Du Yuesheng young son expose: a few room wife intrigue, Meng Xiaodong will use scheming to win Du Yuesheng favor

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The intensity of love has nothing to do with the length of acquaintance.Some people, only that one eye is enough to miss the whole life.Meng xiaodong married Du Yuesheng that year, Meng Xiaodong was 42 years old, and Du Yuesheng was 62 years old.The couple, who have a 20-year age difference, have only been officially married for a year.The second year after marriage, Du Yuesheng died, leaving Meng Xiaodong a person in the world miss the past.In the emotional life of Du Yuesheng, he loved Meng Xiaodong for many years.Du Yuesheng’s youngest son has disclosed to the world, in a few room wife infighting days, Meng Xiaodong will use cunning to get Du Yuesheng like.Xu is so, Meng Xiaodong was so loved by Du Yuesheng bar.The days when they were in love were just like a dream.Advise points do not advise and last century in the 1920s and 1930s, people like to listen to music have heard mei Lanfang and Meng Xiaodong these two names.Mei Lanfang’s dramatic achievements are unrivaled, and his love story has always been talked about.Before marrying Du Yuesheng, Meng Xiaodong and Mei Lanfang had a vigorous love and hate entanglements.In opera, Meng Xiaodong beautiful voice is also sweet, singing skills.But such a talented woman, even in 1972 at the peak of her career disappeared.In this regard, Meng Xiaodong’s fans have speculated about the reason.Many newspapers and media also disclosed that she married Mei Lanfang and retired, but she did not live in mei House.For media speculation, Mei Lanfang took the lead in refuting rumors, claiming that Meng Xiaodong was living in Mei Lanfang rented to her, two people are landlord and tenant relationship.Although two people have secretly married, but for Mei Lanfang “rumor”, is in love with meng Xiaodong did not feel there is anything wrong.In the interest of career advancement, there is not much problem with saying so.One winter, a man infatuated with Meng Xiaodong actually tried to assassinate Mei Lanfang with guns.Amid the confusion, the man shot and killed Chang Hanju, a stalwart of the May party.After this matter, Mei Lanfang in order to family harmony and their own reputation, they temporarily left Out Meng Xiaodong.Meng Xiaodong did not know mei Lanfang’s experience, only angry and Mei Lanfang cold.In 1931, there is a voice in the May Party, let Mei Lanfang abandon “need to wait on” Meng Xiaodong, leaving only “can wait on people” Fu Zhifang.Meng Xiaodong know after heartbroken, also do not want to maintain this section of scarred feelings.So, Meng Xiaodong determined to divorce Mei Lanfang.This year, Meng Xiaodong went to Shanghai to find a good friend Yao Yulan crying.At that time, Yao Yulan was du Yuesheng’s fourth wife.Because know Du Yuesheng and Mei Lanfang are friendly, Yao Yulan thinks by Du Yuesheng come forward to persuade Mei Lanfang.But did not expect, Du Yuesheng no peace, he advised Mei Lanfang to Meng Xiaodong a sum of money as compensation, then cut off contact.Mei Lanfang after listening to Du Yuesheng’s suggestion, also feel appropriate, they paid Meng Xiaodong forty thousand pieces of ocean as compensation.So, Mei Lanfang and Meng Xiaodong story began to draw an end.At that time people have not reacted, the original DuYuesheng advised points do not persuade and reason, was early on Meng Xiaodong ah!Mind a look will know the last century in the 1930s, Du Yuesheng and Meng Xiaodong’s relationship has not been out.But discerning people can see that Du Yuesheng like Meng Xiaodong.Yao Yulan, as the fourth wife of Du Yuesheng, did not think her husband would fall in love with her good bestie at the beginning.But there is no way, Du Yuesheng eyes and attitude, can not let a person ignore his mind for Meng Xiaodong.As a bottom of my heart can accept her husband three wife four concubine woman, Yao Yulan is not angry, she will even match Meng Xiaodong and Du Yuesheng.Du Yuesheng like listening to opera, Meng Xiaodong is professional;Du Yuesheng on weekdays with Shanghai dialect, and Meng Xiaodong’s dialect is Shanghai dialect.In terms of hobbies and language communication, these two people are well matched.Then again, it takes two to tango.Meng Xiaodong know du Yuesheng’s mind, and she also have a good impression of Du Yuesheng.Du Yuesheng has several concubines who are fiercely competitive with each other.And the du Yuesheng that has no formal name, in a few room concubines fight for favour in battle, also easily occupy the upper hand.Du Yuesheng’s youngest son Du Weishan once said: “a few room wife infighting, Meng Xiaodong more cunning, very will please his father.She often amused my father with jokes in Shanghainese.”How could Du Yuesheng not like a beautiful woman who can sing and speak Shanghai dialect?In May 1949, Du Yuesheng’s family left Shanghai for Hong Kong.At this time Meng Xiaodong in Du Yuesheng side unknown without points, but also go with.And Meng Xiaodong followed the choice of Du Yuesheng, also proved that her heart to Du Yuesheng is a deep feeling.Du Yuesheng at this time has been different from the past, he is old, there is no money in hand.Because asthma is more serious, even take medicine all year round.In comparison, Meng Xiaodong still image good temperament, every gesture is elegant and noble gas.Meng Xiaodong reason follow old color decline du Yuesheng, because the heart of the sincere feelings.In the autumn of 1950, Du Yuesheng and Meng Xiaodong held a simple wedding in Hong Kong.There were no formalities, no noisy guests, everything was simple and happy.Du Weishan once said, Du Yuesheng and Meng Xiaodong marriage is not who fulfill who, but they each other to this feelings of an account.Du Yuesheng has always valued Meng Xiaodong’s artistic achievements, and Meng Xiaodong also admire, respect Du Yuesheng.The marriage of these two people has nothing to do with gratitude or settling for second best. It’s just a natural choice.Since marriage, Meng Xiaodong carefully to take care of Du Yuesheng, love envy evil spirit others.In 1951, Du died of illness.After the Du family lost its backbone, the wives and children of the Du family also scattered.Meng Xiaodong a person to stay in Hong Kong life, this stay is fifteen years.Her best friend yao Yulan went to Taiwan with their children and sent her money from time to time.Du Yuesheng died for many years, Meng Xiaodong has not remarried.She and Du Yuesheng love, let her alone aftertaste many years of time.Meng Xiaodong died of illness at the age of 60, before the death, Yao Yulan also took their children back to accompany her for a period of time.Summary: Life is only a few decades.Meng Xiaodong and Du Yuesheng’s feelings, also as the passage of time and gradually forgotten by people.When people suddenly mention one of their names again, they may suddenly recall the sincere and strong feelings.Everyone can only walk in this world once, bold to love, feel loved, is a very happy thing.